Welcome to our kennel and our home. We are a small breeder of Entlebucher Mountain Dogs. We have been involved and in love with our Entles since 1993. They are an important part of our lives.


Adagiopaws is a family-owned, small kennel that raises Entlebuchers as a family activity. Our adult Entles have been purchased from long-time breeding programs. They and were selected for disposition, health, and conformation as well as their appeal. We seek a pet/family for our puppies where they will be spoiled and well cared for, and NEVER sell to brokers or pet stores!


As a breeder, I want to share the joy this breed has given me.“I strive to produce the most loving, healthiest, intelligent and beautiful dog you will ever have join your family.” I invest a lot of time, energy and emotion into my puppies.  I am looking for like-minded people who deserve one of my puppies.

Why "adagio"?


We chose the name AdagioPaws because it is defined as: a piece of music that is played or performed slowly and gracefully with feeling.


Adagio Pronunciation: uh-dah-joh(-zhee)-oh

Name Meaning: "Loving" and "Quiet"

Puppy Availability 

Our next litter this spring/summer 2020


We can send you puppy alerts if you desire.


We do accept deposits for upcoming litters.  You can read more about this:

Breed Information


The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain


Dogs including: the Appenzeller, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.



Visit Us


We invite you to visit any time you are in the area.


We can send photos and we post pictures on our Facebook page daily so you can track your pups progress.

We are a NEMDA BCOE Breeder. We follow all standards and ethics in breeding healthy, strong, and loving, loyal dogs. We know they will be placed in their forever homes with great consideration. They will bring your family joy.




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​Bill & Linda Bingham

906 Fairview Dr.

Fairfield IA 52556

Telephone : ​515-451-1370



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