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Entlebucher Mountain Dog 

Hali AdagioPaws - Entlebuchers resting on the porch.

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain Dogs including the Appenzeller, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.


Entlebucher Mountain Dog:

(pronounced ehnt-lu-boo-KAHR)


This small mountain dog, originating from Entlebuch, Switzerland, was bred to herd cattle on mountain pastures. The first record of the name "Entlebucherhund" dates back to 1889.


The Entlebucher is a medium, compact purebred known for being cheerful, energetic, friendly, independent, intelligent, loyal, and protective. Known to be hard working, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog participates in a wide variety of activities such as agility, carting, herding, obedience, search and rescue, tracking, and weight pulling.



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