Entlebucher Characteristics



The Entlebucher, or Entle for short, is a Swiss herding breed related to the Appenzeller, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog; of the four, they are the smallest.


They are known for their intelligence, personable attitude, agility, and loyalty. They are independent and self-confident, yet they bond strongly to their person and is happiest spending the day at their family's side. They have got energy to burn, and needs an owner who can give them plenty of exercise.


If you want a dog who...


  • Is medium-sized, sturdy and athletic.

  • Has a short easy-care coat in a striking color pattern.

  • Thrives on vigorous athletic activities and exercise.

  • Is steady and dependable.

  • Makes a vigilant watchdog.

  • Travels really easily.

  • Is uncommon.


An Entlebucher Mountain Dog may be right for you.

We are a NEMDA BCOE Breeder. We follow all standards and ethics in breeding healthy, strong, and loving, loyal dogs. We know they will be placed in their forever homes with great consideration. They will bring your family joy.




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