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Setting Our Puppies Up For Success:


Heath Certifications:


Our dogs are raised in our home and handled and loved.


  • Our dogs are OFA certified: OFA hips and elbows.

  • Our dogs are CERF certified for eye health.

  • Gonioscopy eyes certified.

  • The OptiGen prcd-PRA Test certified Clear.

  • CEBA Tested for conformation and temperament by NEMDA parent club.

  • Our dogs are AKC Registered and have their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI)certifications.


General health strong and all veterinary care is current. While dam is carrying pups she will be monitored by our vet and Iowa State Small Animal Veterinary Hospital


We feed a healthy diet for their weight and breed, Fromm, Medium Breed Varietiesl and Fromm, Puppy.




Our goal is to raise a balanced puppy for you.  We are focus on the mind, body and spirit of each pup.  


Our household is full of sounds from daily life: doorbells, vacuums, people etc...


During growth and development, we will introduce the puppies to Biosensor- Superdog training. We will be using touch, positioning and the introduction of scents.


Large puppy playroom and yard to socialize and build confidence. We will give them activities that will give them stimulation and problem solving.


Training basics to familiarize them with come, sit, leave it, and find a spot etc...


They will be well comfortable with daily activities: Car rides, Vet visits, playtime.


We will give temperament testing to place each puppy in the right forever home.





Things we give you to make the transition and start of your pup's life go easier.


  • Pedigree papers

  • Registration to AKC

  • Health records

  • Collar, Leash

  • Puppy Starter Kit

  • Cloth with dam’s scent

  • Bag of food to transition your pup to new environment.  If you choose not to keep with food, mix with new food to transition easier

  • Microchipped

  • First 8 weeks photos


From your decision to acquire a puppy from Adagiopaws Entlebuchers and for their entire life, we will be with you every step of the way as you need it. 



We feed our dogs and their pups a Farmina Diet. 




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